Import & Export logistic Services

Land Freight

Road freight "trucking" is still an important mean of transportation that is dominated by a different domestic rules and regulations within countries boarders. Within the differences restrictions ®ulations,Arram Group succeed to form a virtual smooth road freight that is able to overcome such differentiations. 
Firm measures of contemporary performance with respect to quality service and speed in the cargo movements handling.
It is not just to do it, but it is to do it, quality & safe.

Sea Freight

Perceiving the transportation alternatives opened to the globe is the key component of the framework in sea freight services. Arram Group is professionally managing the involved parties with a remarkable harmony for both FCL & LCL operations. With great relations & contracts with shipping lines & co-loaders and smooth cooperationWe provide customized services to individual customers

Our contracts with shipping lines & good relations with coloaders gave us privileges of securing space to/from worldwide & gaining the bottom rock rates that satisfy our customers & agents.

    The scale and scope of Air cargo transportation is to have the time-definite shipment that must be shipped by predetermined time and guaranteed quality delivery of the cargo with the most economical cost. Arram Group understood the concept of air freight industry

    that empowered us to provide an excellent Import & Export air freight services door-to-door.

    Air Freight

    E-commerce brought new challenges as well as opportunities to the air cargo industry. Within few minutes a deal could done between shipper, client, brokers, upon the term of the trade another deal is agreed with the handler Forwarders & related tasks of booking & schedule the shipment’s process forwarders .

    Logistics :


      The objective of this work is to giving customers a unique opportunity for investment is demonstrated by the performance breakthrough of combining different means of transport. 
      Concurrent procedures to guarantee smooth of the cargo transmission between borders by different means. Careful planning with sincere efforts is supported by a powerful to handle & control over thousands of miles. Focus on achieving:

      - Reduce cost of shipping / delivery
      - Reduce cost of inventory